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  • Could the old Apartheid government have saved us from Zuma's ANC?

    Someone I was chatting to after the 2014 elections, last week, made an interesting comment. He said that if the old Apartheid-era National Party had educated all South Africans better (and not just white South Africans), the ANC under Jacob Zuma would have had a more challenging time selling themselves with all the corruption in […]

  • The ANC Abuses Its Power To Protect Its Control

    I just read an article in Mail & Guardian titled ANC at pains to silence booing and noticed this stark reminder that the ANC sees itself as synonymous with the State and has no difficulty using national intelligence agencies to retain power: At the time, ANC insiders said that a team of state intelligence operatives […]

  • Why I hope the DA has a chance to govern

    The Democratic Alliance published its follow-up to the original Ayisafani ad which the SABC banned. Even taking into account that this is an ad and portrays the DA in a brilliant light, I love the energy in this ad and I want to see the DA govern more of South Africa for the next 5 […]

  • Writing about the ANC's perspective on power

    More equal than others The ANC’s response to the Public Protector’s report on the Nkandla controversy highlights its twisted perspective on its position as ruling party. I had to express my outrage and did it on Medium in an article titled “More equal than others“. Here is how it begins: If you have paid much […]

  • The President's relationship with the truth

    Pierre De Vos’ post titled In the age of consent, the buck stops with Number One is a typically lucid explanation why President Zuma’s contention that he was largely in the dark about (and perhaps shouldn’t even have known about) the upgrades to his Nkandla estate has “an adventurous relationship to the truth”. De Vos […]

  • An open letter to whomever controls the United States

    I came across this one in my Tumblr feed (thanks Wil Wheaton). Pretty funny and, at the same time, a nice reminder that even “advanced” democracies like the United States can be a bigger shambles than our little backwater country: Source: xkcd

  • PRISM, Data Driven Marketing and Why Transparency Is Essential

    Revelations about the American surveillance program called PRISM have been astounding, not so much because we have discovered that the US government has been spying on, well, everyone both within the United States and internationally, but because of the sheer scale of the program. This story initially broke on The Guardian when Glenn Greenwald reported […]

  • His Majesty, Jacob Zuma's new palace

    Khaya Dlanga has a terrific post in Mail & Guardian today about President Zuma’s newly revamped and extremely controversial residence. He has a good point, let’s just called it a Palace and be done with it. It’s where we are heading anyway, aren’t we? To an imperial presidency under the guise of a democratic, revolutionalry, […]