Here is a nice bit of trivia I found on business2blogThe Register has reported that David Bradley, the guy who invesnted, amoung other things, the often used keyboard combination and cure for recalcitrant computers, Ctrl-Alt-Del, is retiring:

Ctrl-Alt-Del inventor makes final reboot

By Andrew Orlowski in San Francisco (andrew.orlowski at
Published Thursday 29th January 2004 19:56 GMT

Bradley, one of the ‘dirty dozen’ engineers who created the original
IBM PC at Boca Raton, Florida, is to retire this week after 29 years
with the company.

Bradley’s accomplishments are numerous – he wrote the BIOS code for
the original PC and rose to become architecture manager at the PC
group. But David’s claim to fame is that he devised the most famous –
and probably most used – three key combination in computer history:


Kirsten Anderberg’s ONLINE VULVA MUSEUM

Here is an interesting site that celebrates a woman’s vulva.  The site is calledKirsten Anderberg’s ONLINE VULVA MUSEUM and this reminds me of the Vagina Monologues which is, as many women know, both a play and an initiative intended to highlight some of the wrongs committed against women as well as a celebration of Woman!


Nokia 6630

Since my earlier post I did a little digging around and it seems that the Nokia 6630 is an excellent phone.  It is basically a pretty good upgrade on the Nokia 6600 with a whole host of new and improved features.

Infosync World gave this phone an excellent review.  They gave it 89% which is the highest score I have seen for a phone they have reviewed for a long time.  The smartphones they review tend to receive mediocre scores.  The only other phone to come close is the Nokia 6600 which received a score of 84%.

Engadget was also pretty excited about this phone in their post titled "One reason we can’t wait for 3G to take off in the US".  This phone is due to arrive in our stores in February so I think I will have a good look at this one and seriously consider it to replace my 6600.

It turns out that this phone is available locally so I am going to get myself one.  I can get it on upgrade and it will only cost me about R319 (about $54) which isn’t too bad.  I am waiting for a guy from the phone store to get back to me with a list of what comes in the box.  I understand that the phone is meant to come with a USB cable and this would be essential to synchronise my PC with the phone mainly because I can’t get the phone and PC talking over my Bluetooth adaptor.

MMC card update:

I have noticed that there is some concern about the memory cards for the Nokia 6630.  There is some info for you here, if you are looking for that.

If you are interested, the feature list from the Nokia site has been reproduced below:


And the hits just keep coming

Well well, the hit counter for this site tells me I have just exceeded 1000 hits thanks, for the most part, to Tara Reid and her slip late December.  I have been really tempted to post pictures of her exposed breast just to see what would happen to my hit counter.  Ultimately I decided that this is just not that kind of blog.  The pictures are pretty easy to find with a Google search so if that is what you are looking for, go wild!  There is even a video of the ‘photo shoot’ out there too if you look hard enough for it.

Enough of that.  Back to me!  And my 1001 hit count (as of 5 minutes ago).  Yay me!  And a big thank you to all of you who click to my blog, even if it is just on your way someplace else.


Call home … on what?

I have a Nokia 6600 which I use quite a lot.  It is normally the first thing I pick up in the morning and last thing that I put down at night.  My phone is my communication hub so it is always with me.  I think I have left it at home half a dozen times in the many years I have had a mobile phone.  I have also always had a Nokia phone.  My first one was a Nokia 2110i.  Then I got myself a Nokia 5110, followed by a Nokia 6110.  From there I graduated to a Nokia 6210 and, most recently, the most excellent Nokia 6310i.  Of the bunch, the 6310i is probably the best and most stable.  Sure it lacks a colour screen, a camera, mobile web browser (which I really don’t use all that often anyway) and MMS capability (not to mention a host of software apps found on my 6600) but that phone was reliable, had a great battery life and did what it was supposed to do.

While my 6600 has been closer to what I have been looking for, it is very slow and has a tendency to drop calls and crash.  Given that I am due for a phone upgrade (in return for a two year renewal of my contract), I have been looking around for a replacement smartphone (specifically a smartphone because I want to be able to run the combination of a PDA and a phone).  The only problem is that there really isn’t anything worthwhile out there!  I took a fancy to the Sony Ericsson phones and the recent P910i in particular.  I saw a guy with a P900 on a flight home once and I was really impressed.  Infosync World is one of the sites I consult for reviews on any new mobile gadget and their review of the P910i was less than amazing.  I thought I’d also take a look at Engadget’s review and they weren’t too impressed either.  They did basically refer to the Infosync World review though.

Our networks are going 3G soon (well, Vodacom already has) so I am only going to go for a 3G phone.  Otherwise, what’s the point?  One contender is the Nokia 6630 which reaches our stores in the next month or so.  I hope Nokia will have sorted out the lag on the phone and the really crappy desktop software with this release though.


Da Vinci Code casting news

If you have not yet ready the Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, I really suggest you do.  If ever there was a page turner, this is it!  This book is the first of his books I read and I was captivated by it.  His writing keeps you turning those pages to see what happens next.  I think it has to do with keeping his chapters short and never giving you you the satisfaction of knowing how that bit ends before you hit the end of the chapter.

Anyway, the book is being turned into a movie starring Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon and IMDB has reported that Audrey Tautou will play the role of Sophie Neveu:

Tautou To Play ‘Da Vinci’ Role?


          French film star Audrey Tautou is thrilled she’s won the lead role in the upcoming film adaptation of US author Dan Brown‘s best-selling thriller The Da Vinci Code. The popular Amelie star, who is currently on screens in A Very Long Engagement, will play Sophie Neveu – the young French cryptologist assisting Professor Robert Langdon – played by Tom Hanks – in his investigation. The Professional actor Jean Reno
will also star, playing detective Bezu Fache. Filming is due to start
later this year – with a predicted cinema release of May 2006.



Isn’t it unfortunate how you can be excited and energetic and one glance from your boss or not-so-friendly coworker and all that energy just bleeds right out of you.  I know the scenario and how it all works and how to fix it.  The problem is that I am just so tired now, a mere 2 and a half hours after the Look.  That one look and it all comes flooding back; the exhaustion, lethargy, feelings of low self-esteem and the fear of impending doom because of one man’s disapproval.

These are the things that keep us small, stuck.  They are the experiences we have because we have become so dependent on someone else’s approval that even when we begin to see how that relationship is over and it is time to move forward into a space that supports us and encourages us to grow in directions we never though existed, we stay where we are, stuck.  In times like this I am reminded of the Robin Williams movie "What Dreams May Come" and the discussion about what happens to people who commit suicide.  If I remember correctly, people who commit suicide find themselves in a very gothic, self-absorbed hell where they struggle with their choices including their choice to end their lives.  They become so absorbed in their own misery that they can’t see beyond it.

In a way it is a bit like that for me.  I find myself becoming so absorbed into my unhappy job and the choices I made which contributed to my circumstances that it is a struggle to lift myself out of that funk and grasp the opportunities that have been presented to me.  Bit like emotional quicksand.


Firefox downloads exceed 20 000 000!

Wow!  There have been over 20 000 000 (yes, 20 million) downloads of Mozilla’s Firefox browser since version 1.0 was released on 9 November 2004.  That works out to roughly 187 000 downloads a day!  Very impressive stuff.  Here is the post from the sfx site (cross posted from Asa’s primary blog):

In seventy six days, more than sixty three thousand of you have joined the effort to deliver Firefox 1.0 to more than twenty million thankful users!

You all are simply amazing!!

You’ve engaged your friends and family, your co-workers,

colleagues, and fellow students in a novel and exciting effort to take

back the Web. You’ve helped twenty million people to get beyond the

daily chaos of adware, spyware, and constant virus infections. You’ve

created the first and the largest open source marketing effort in

history. And you all are educating the world that they do have a choice

and that they can take control of their Internet experience.

You all have demonstrated that open source community can be

powerful, committed, and capable of accomplishing once-unimaginable


Today, we celebrate twenty million Firefox 1.0 downloads. But

more than that, we celebrate the community that you all have built and

we celebrate each and every one you!

–Asa, on behalf of the sfx team

Get Firefox!