Wildchild – being a lesbian!

My friend, Wildchild, is a lesbian living in the Western Cape province.  Anyway, I visited her blog to see what has been happening in her life and found this post about being a lesbian.  This is something I know very little about and I suspect half of that is rooted in male fantasies about girl on girl sex and very little truth.

This makes for very interesting reading for boys and girls alike:

I thought after reading the blog by "fishy tales" I would dispense some real live lesbian knowledge to him and and all.
he is right we do have a bad rap, we do have the raw end of the deal
and its not because we dont "PUT OURSELVES OUT THERE" as he put it but
because we "ARE OUT THERE!"

In terms of gay men – although most
of my friends are gay men – alot of gay men cant stand lesbians, the
older gay men dont even like women and the younger queens think that
they are more women than us sista’s (of course some of them are :/ )

am more afraid of telling a straight woman that I would like to get to
know on a personal non-sexual level, that I am gay. They seem to think
that you want to jump straight into bed (excuse the pun) with them or
you will take them into a dark corner and seduce them and have images
of even rape.

that a women flirts very subtly, there are those that dont and those
that dont respect that you are straight think that they can change your
mind by giving you some wine BUT in GENERAL most of us are harmless,
shy and really JUST WANT TO BE FRIENDS!
if a gay woman flirts with a straight woman she should consider it a compliment in the highest form. We are fussier than men!
women look at other things such as eyes, smile, face, intelligence etc
we dont just look at your boobs and decide to hit on you! In fact if I
personally hit on a straight woman SHE WOULDNT EVEN KNOW IT!


Are those your robes under your coat or are you happy to see me?

I giggled when I read this article on Ananova about a Buddhist monk who seems to have decided to break his vow of celibacy by doing the deed with a prostitute only to find she was a police officer undercover:

‘Celibate’ monk tried to pick up undercover cop

Buddhist monk decided to break his lifelong vow of celibacy with a
prostitute – but picked up an undercover police officer instead.

Hoa Trung Nguyen, 47, from the Phap Bao Temple in Sydney, even haggled with the ‘prostitute’ for a better deal.

But after being unceremoniously bundled into an unmarked police car, Nguyen claimed he was joking, reports the Herald Sun.

magistrate Ronald Maiden was not laughing as he convicted the monk for
soliciting a prostitute and put him on bond for 12 months.

"The accused’s version of events, in my view, borders on farcical," he said. "It is quite fantastic."

Cabramatta police were running an undercover operation on August 7 to stop prostitution in Fisher St, a residential area.

CCTV footage showed Nguyen, his robes under an overcoat, approaching the officer dressed as a prostitute.

Nguyen admitted asking about price but blamed it on human curiosity.

"I only want to ask her as a joke because of who I am. I would never do anything like that," he said.


    <p>Now, would you call that bad karma or what?

350 000 speedsters trapped in Johannesburg

I came across this article which bears repeating.  It is scary how some people drive here and from what I understand about traffic enforcement in Europe and in the USA, this must come as a bit of a shock to readers from those parts of the world:

More than 350 000
speedsters trapped

AN astonishing 352 512 motorists were caught on camera speeding on
Joburg’s roads since the beginning of November. The worst offenders
face arrest.


January 21, 2005

By Thomas Thale

THE Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department says 352 512 motorists
were filmed on camera speeding on Joburg roads between 1 November 2004
and 16 January 2005.

  • 2 031 drivers were arrested at roadblocks for outstanding traffic warrants
  • 256 were arrested for drunken driving.
  • 2 382 unroadworthy taxis were issued with a discontinue note
  • 534 taxis were impounded for operating without permits.

Ten drivers exceeded 180km/h, and will be arrested shortly. Metro
Police spokesman Superintendent Wayne Minnaar says because there is no
provision of a fine for motorists who exceed 181km/h in a 120km/h zone,
those drivers must be arrested. "The maximum fine for doing 181km/h is
R1 500. Offenders who go beyond this must be apprehended and brought
before court."

Four of the worst speedsters, according to Minnaar, come from Lenasia in the south of Johannesburg.

The worst culprit is a BMW driver who was filmed travelling 227km/h on the N1 South near the Golden Highway onramp in Devland.

Another Lenasia speedster, driving a Toyota, was caught doing 194km/h
on the M1 South close to the Xavier onramp. And yet another Toyota
driver from Lenasia was also captured travelling at 194km/h on the N1
North near the 14th Avenue off ramp in Roodepoort.

Minnaar says during the same period, Metro Police stopped
163168 vehicles and searched 123 277 vehicles plus 2 493 buildings as
part of the ongoing Operation Token Days.

The number of informal traders who had their goods impounded for trading illegally in undesignated areas stands at 4 669. 

Another 933 suspects were arrested in connection with more serious
crime, including murder, robbery, rape, assault, robbery, theft,
housebreaking, possession of illegal substance and pointing a firearm.

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Wet, lazy Friday

It has been raining pretty much since last night.  They sky has been grey and the temperature pretty cool all day.  I can’t say today is my best day ever, work-wise.  My day centres on my timesheets and how much time I am billing.  I am so used to working like this that sometimes when I am working on my own projects at home, I find myself reaching for a timesheet after I send an email or finish a document.  I have a couple files on my desk to work on and the first job is going to be a bit of a bigger job than the others so I am posting this as another way to put it off.  🙂

I decided to see what would be at the other end of a "I’m feeling lucky" search on Google so I ran a search on "wet, cool Friday" and I got this article about how 2004 was one of New Mexico’s wettest years in the past century.

It reminds me of how this summer is different to last year’s summer.  I remember back in the old days (about 15 to 20 years ago) when it used to storm every afternoon.  Those storms were spectacular with plenty of lightening and thunderstorms.  Last year was pretty dry with very little rain and temperatures soaring above the 35 degree (centigrade) mark.  Normally the temperatures here in Johannesburg are fairly temperate and are between 25 degrees and 30 degrees in summer.  It seems to be that the weather patterns are reverting back to the way they were in the ‘old days’.  I am thankful for that because we are going through such a drought in other parts of the country.  Cape Town, for example, has had almost no rain for months now.  Their rainy season is in our winter (May/June to July/August, I think) and they apparently didn’t receive much rain then.  There are severe water restrictions in place and the dams are at scary levels.

All in all, the rain today isn’t such a bad thing.  Besides, it is just a matter of time until the clouds part and make way for the glorious blue skies above them and the sunshine.  I love this city!!


Rescued by Stephen King – Jan 11, 2005

There is a wonderful story on CNN titled "Rescued by Stephen King" which details how a previously unheard of author of an amazing 44 plays and 9 novels rapidly signed a $2 million book deal after author Stephen King wrote in his column on Entertainment Weekly that:

My gig at EW isn’t writing book reviews, but I
can still state with a fair degree of certainty that Ron McLarty’s
”The Memory of Running” is the best novel you won’t read this year.
But you can experience it, and I’m all but positive that you’ll thank
me for the tip if you do.

”Memory” is the story of 279-pound Smithson Ide, a
smokes-too-much, drinks-too-much, eats-too-much heart attack waiting to
happen. I mean, this guy is a mess — a lovely, addled mess. And then
one day, Smithy finds himself riding across America with his ”fat
ass” hanging over the seat of his boyhood bicycle. He’s on his way
from Rhode Island to L.A. — where he aims to retrieve his sister’s
body from the county morgue — and along the road he meets a parade of
colorful characters. Unlike Huck Finn’s adventures, Smithy’s don’t
amount to literature, but they are always entertaining and sometimes
wildly funny.

So why can’t you read it? Because — so far, at least — no publisher will touch it with a 10-foot pole.

CNN expressed it better than I will.  The first few paragraphs of their article bear repeating:


Six Apart, latest acquisition by Yahoo! … ?

Six Apart, the owner of hosted blogging service TypePad and
publisher of blogging software Movable Type, just acquired LiveJournal.
Within six months Six Apart itself will be acquired by Yahoo!.

In an article titled "Yahoo to acquire Six Apart?", David Jackson makes an argument for why Six Apart may well be bought by Yahoo!.  I am a member of both and this prospect is quite an intriguing and exciting one.  The opening paragraph of Jackson’s article paints a realistic picture which sets the scene for his arguments which are based on the current competition between Yahoo!, Google and (to a lesser extent) Microsoft for users.  Of course the rapid growth of the blogging phenomenon is a key factor given its enormous potential for services such as lucrative pay-per-click advertising services like Google’s AdSense Program.

I have been wondering why Yahoo! hasn’t really been a presence in the blogosphere and it may be that they are plotting an awesome, news making acquisition that will really up the stakes for Google (with Blogger) and Microsoft (with its beta MSN Spaces service).  I don’t see any word on the Six Apart site or Mena’s blog but then again, we can hardly expect them to engage in speculation.  Look how well they kept the LiveJournal acquisition so quiet for so long.

Watch this space!


Bill Gates posing …

Here is Bill Gates like you have never seen him before.  This is a man who is willing to go the extra mile for his product!  Go Bill!

Seriously though, it is really good to see the passion and drive in these pioneers from way back when … you know, before they became really big household names and always in the spotlight!

Apparently there is an Apple Mac in the background too.


The Thrill

One of the blogs I read more often than not is Wil Wheaton’s blog.  It probably has a lot to do with me being a Star Trek nut and looking to see what became of one of the gawkier members of the Enterprise crew.  His most recent post details his latest effort to fix a glitch in his Debian PC (his mouse disappeared) and how he came to reclaim his title as Propeller Head Geek!  Apparently some lowercase geeky mouse retention tools didn’t work so he tried something else –

Finally, I gave up, and decided to just start over with a clean partition and a new install. So I did mv /home/wil /mnt/hda1/backedup/, did a diff to make sure I didn’t miss anything, and burned myself a copy of the latest  Debian (Sarge) Network installer.

Oh. My. God. Becky. It was so easy.

Okay. Seriously. Back in the old days of 1999, everyone told me how
easy it was to set Red Hat up, but how much cooler Debian was if you
could just get past the nightmare install . . . well, this was about as
easy an install of
anything I’ve ever done. It was literally a
handful of commands, and then a bunch of waiting while it grabbed a ton
of packages and set them up.

I’m now sitting here with a honest-to-goodness Debian system, running kernel 2.6.8!

Check it out:

wil@bender:~$ uname -a
Linux bender 2.6.8-1-386 #1 Thu Nov 11 12:18:43 EST 2004 i686 GNU/Linux

Okay, this is probably not as exciting to anyone else as it is to me . . . but the fact that I got this working, and took all the HAM radio and isdn stuff out of the kernel, and still got it to work . . . it’s a pretty big deal to me.

I’m logged into Gnome right now,( which I usually don’t use — I’m a
KDE or Enlightenment kind of guy — but it looks beautiful) and I’ve
got apt installing Firefox and Thunderbird in a terminal, and then I’ve
got to restore some of the backups, but I’m very proud of myself. Until
I totally screw something else up, I feel like I can put on my
propeller hat and give it a mighty spin. *snort*

I know that propeller hat thing!  I have felt the thrill that comes with stepping forward as a computer geek person!  I know the thrill of recovering a file I thought lost (mainly because I renamed the source file and managed to screw it up completely – thank goodness for backups) or even installing the latest version of and opening it up to see all the new and cool stuff that awaits in the final version.  Ok, so it isn’t quite the same as a recompile of the Linux Kernel or installing a new distro but it is my thrill!

On that note, I have 10 copies of Ubuntu Linux (a South African Debian distro) and while I am too scared to go and install it on a partition on my Windows PC (mainly because I am likely to trash my whole harddrive and lose all my data, notwithstanding my obssessive compulsive habit of backing up onto DVD and whatever else will fit my data) I will step up to the plate as soon as I lay my hands on an old, unwanted PC. 

Then, I will know the Thrill!