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Indexsuperdrive20050131I know this is old news already in Internet terms but Apple has a new PowerBook G4 range out and this range is even sexier than the last one, basically because it is new and has a couple sexy features.  Some of these new features include a trackpad with scrolling capability as well as Apple’s "Sudden Motion Sensor" which "senses change in axis position and accelerated movement. In the event
of a drop or fall, the Sudden Motion Sensor instantly parks the hard
drive heads so they won’t scratch the disks on impact, lessening the
risk of damage and improving your chances of retrieving valuable data.
When the Sudden Motion Sensor senses your PowerBook is once again
level, it unlocks the hard drive heads automatically.
"  Now that is a cool feature and a very handy one too.

In terms of its connectivity, the G4 PowerBook supports the 802.11g Wi-Fi standard that enables it to connect at speeds of up to 54Mbps.  It also comes with Bluetooth 2.0 with enhanced data rate connectivity built in (nice change from the iBooks which you have to add Bluetooth too – although as far as I am aware, PowerBooks usually come with integrated Bluetooth).  If you want the rest of the technical specifications, take a look here.

As with the previous range, you can buy a 12-inch, 15-inch and 17-inch models.  My preference is for the 15-inch.  It is a nice size for me.  The 12-inch is a little too small and the 17-inch is too big.  Battery life is between 4.5 hours and 5 hours depending on the model.  I would love to have a laptop that will go for a good 8 hours without needing to recharge.  I am not sure anything out there will last that long, at least as far as laptops are concerned.

Here is another look with an indication of the various ports:






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