Small e-law firm goes funky

So there I was, linking from one site to the next and I came across the small law firm of Nicci Ferguson Inc.  This Cape Town based firm has a pretty nifty site and an even more progressive objective – to use their understanding of new technologies and South African law to provide a rare service to their clients:

Having identified the importance of repeat business to the sustained success
    of our firm, our aim is to supplement short term gains with a long term relationship
    with our clients. From the outset we encourage our clients to integrate us
    into their business, not only to gain valuable knowledge about their operations
    and specific industry, but also to ensure that our offerings are directly relevant
    to the individual problems that they face.

They even have a particularly creative, if slightly innaccurate, explanation of terms such as ‘barrister’ and ‘solicitor’ in English law:

Legal legend has it that, in the middle ages, villagers would meet in
the drinking taverns with men who were wise in the affairs of business
and private matters to discuss their problems. These wise men, known as
barristers (from the word "bar"), would be paid in drinks. The quality
of the legal advice deteriorated for obvious reasons and so when times
were really tough, the barristers would employ eager salesmen to stand
outside the tavern and invite passers by to come in and have their
problems solved. These men were known as solicitors.

They even have an RSS feed on their site.  I am impressed.  I am yet to see other South African law firms using tools like blogs and RSS on their sites when it can be such a useful tool to keep their client’s coming back.  This site reminds me of the [non]billable hour, the progressive blog created by US attorney, Matthew Homann.






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