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Learning from others with RSS

I placed more emphasis on RSS feeds when Twitter started its Musk-infused decent into madness, as an healthier way to keep up to date with the news sources and people I follow. Rather than heading to Twitter to scroll through my curated Twitter lists, I started spending even more time in my RSS feeds in Inoreader, my Pocket saves and, more recently, the Readwise Reader.

It’s with this in mind that I really appreciated Tim Kadlec’s thoughts on Investing in RSS:

Opening up my RSS reader, a cup of coffee in hand, still feels calm and peaceful in a way that trying to keep up with happenings in other ways just never has. There’s more room for nuance and thoughtfulness, and I feel more in control of what I choose to read, and what I don’t.

The act of spending that time in those feeds still feels like a very deliberate, intentional act. Curating a set of feeds I find interesting and making the time to read them feels like an investment in myself.

Tim Kadlec


38 responses to “Learning from others with RSS

  1. Arnan de Gans avatar

    @paul musk should not be the driving force to start using rss again

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  4. excited for the mastodon rise avatar

    @paul don’t forget theoldreader.com!

  5. Shipp :coffefied: avatar

    @paul I do really miss the social media and comments aspect of articles, that’s the downside of just RSS. Maybe that’s a feature for some though. I feel like comments can add a lot more context though.

  6. foxyloxy avatar

    #ReadwiseReader has also been a gateway drug back to RSS for me.

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  12. Christopher Goss avatar

    @paul Feeder on Android is a very nice RSS client. TBH, I had been unhappy with centralized billionaire controlled media in general for some time when the #Muskocalypse pushed my lazy ass to embrace distributed web. No regrets.

  13. Danny avatar

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  15. Paul Jacobson avatar

    @arnandegans You’re totally correct. In my case, I have used RSS readers fairly consistently, probably since #GoogleReader After Google Reader was discontinued, I switched to #Feedly for a few years. Last year I switched to #Inoreader for various reasons.What changed for me in November 2022 is that I decided to stop using #Twitter as a sort of supplementary news source, and consolidate my news and blog consumption in my feed reader instead. It makes sense to have one place to go for updates.I’ve also been subscribing to more newsletters, and after initially directing those to Inoreader, I have started sending them to the Readwise Reader instead, so I can add highlights to my @obsidian notes.

  16. Paul Jacobson avatar

    @qkslvrwolf I haven’t used #TheOldReader although it looks really nice too.I’m in favour of any #RSSReader that works for people. I still believe that #RSSFeeds are seriously undervalued.

  17. Paul Jacobson avatar

    @shipp I agree, although I guess because I have tended to focus on #RSSReaders that don’t have that functionality, it isn’t as important to me.I was becoming a fan of #Nuzzel back before #Twitter purchased it, and was interested in what was then still the emerging #TwitterBlue service because I thought that integration could offer a really compelling #SocialNews service in Twitter.#Inoreader has this sort of functionality built into it although it is local to the Inoreader network.Perhaps one day (soon ) we will see a RSS Reader with #ActivityPub support to facilitate this sort of conversational news?

  18. Paul Jacobson avatar

    @foxyloxy It really is a nice service. I feel like the #FeedManagement options are a little under-developed although the product is still very much in development.I’ve added a small subset of my #RSSFeeds to #ReadwiseReader so far, although I tend to use it far more for saved articles and #EmailNewsletters.I’ve directed almost all my newsletters to Reader and find that really helpful because I import Reader highlights into my @obsidian notes.

  19. Paul Jacobson avatar

    @chrisg I totally agree with you. This is why I am so happy to have my own #MastodonInstance / #MastodonServer I love that this is federated, and that I own this like I own my own site (as much as you can own a service when it runs on someone else’s server infrastructure).This way, I am not reliant on someone other than my hosting provider to keep my stuff going.

  20. Paul Jacobson avatar

    @darnellI’d be interested to know how accurate and relevant the bot recommendations are if you go that route. Cc @qkslvrwolf

  21. Peter Nimmo avatar

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  22. Greg Lowe avatar

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  23. Paul Jacobson avatar

    @shipp Sort of. The News tab isn’t as useful to me currently because I don’t seem to have suggestions coming into my little instance.Not sure if I missed a configuration option somewhere, though.

  24. excited for the mastodon rise avatar

    @darnell @paul I tried feedly (and several others) and didn’t like that it wasn’t literally just a list of my feeds. I don’t need them to recommend to me. the old reader is literally just google reader again. Even the same keyboard shortcuts. I don’t need anything else.Pretty sure it’s free, too, although I paid them because THANK GOODNESS!

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