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  • Learning from others with RSS

    Learning from others with RSS

    I placed more emphasis on RSS feeds when Twitter started its Musk-infused decent into madness, as an healthier way to keep up to date with the news sources and people I follow. Rather than heading to Twitter to scroll through my curated Twitter lists, I started spending even more time in my RSS feeds in…

  • Instapaper sold to Pinterest – at first I was afraid

    Instapaper sold to Pinterest – at first I was afraid

    The news that Instapaper sold to Pinterest shocked me from my early evening domestic routine. At first, it seemed like a mistake. It couldn’t be true. And then it sank in.

  • Is Pocket Premium worth it?

    I noticed this update to Pocket this morning. Pocket, the service that lets users save articles, videos and other types of content to consume later on mobile devices and the web, is adding a paid tier. On Wednesday, the company launched Pocket Premium, which adds permanent archiving (rather than just link caching), tagging and search…

  • Make a decision and don't be an ass about it

    I’m warning you now, this is going to seem like a pretty petty post but here I go anyway. I was sitting with my iPad last night catching up on some reading. I have developed a habit of saving stuff I want to read to both Instapaper and Pocket. Both are terrific apps and each…