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  • “… you fail, only if you don’t learn from failure.”

    Failure is very much a part of our daily life experience. How we approach failure is important. Om Mailk published a terrific post about failure, titled “Failure is part of learning“. It’s well worth reading. The morning also reminded me of a vital life lesson: you fail only if you don’t learn. A lesson successfully […]

  • Teaching kids fractions

    Our son is learning fractions at school. He’s finding them a little challenging, so I’ve been trying to help him. On one hand, my math knowledge still seems to be sufficient at his level. On the other, I don’t remember doing this stuff like he does it at school. I found a couple links that […]

  • School fees for writers

    School fees for writers are those experiences you go through when you learn to write more effectively. Just being a good writer isn’t enough. You have to learn to adapt your writing for your objectives and that can feel like starting from scratch.

  • Small wins when learning a new language

    Nothing quite shows progress in learning a new language than being able to have those little, routine conversations in your new language.

  • It’s ok to dislike your writing, just not yourself

    I really like this piece of advice from Neil Gaiman to a writer. We all write stuff and dislike it immensely for different reasons. Often, the work doesn’t meet some expectation we have and that’s ok but don’t dislike yourself for having written it.

  • A little project: Stuff to teach our kids

    I started a little project yesterday called “Stuff to teach our kids” and it is basically a blog which I’m using to collate and share information about topics our kids ask me about.

  • Electronics kits are making a big comeback

    Electronics kits seem to be popular again and that is terrific news. Our son is excited about electronics and there is so much he can do these days.

  • I’m nearing the end of my ulpan classes and my teacher is pushing my linguistic envelope a little. He sent me a relatively advanced text about my city, Modi’in, and suggested I present to my class about it tonight.