Teaching kids fractions

Our son is learning fractions at school. He’s finding them a little challenging, so I’ve been trying to help him. On one hand, my math knowledge still seems to be sufficient at his level. On the other, I don’t remember doing this stuff like he does it at school. I found a couple links that […]

School fees for writers

School fees for writers are those experiences you go through when you learn to write more effectively. Just being a good writer isn’t enough. You have to learn to adapt your writing for your objectives and that can feel like starting from scratch.

Small wins when learning a new language

Nothing quite shows progress in learning a new language than being able to have those little, routine conversations in your new language.

It’s ok to dislike your writing, just not yourself

I really like this piece of advice from Neil Gaiman to a writer. We all write stuff and dislike it immensely for different reasons. Often, the work doesn’t meet some expectation we have and that’s ok but don’t dislike yourself for having written it.

A little project: Stuff to teach our kids

I started a little project yesterday called “Stuff to teach our kids” and it is basically a blog which I’m using to collate and share information about topics our kids ask me about.

Electronics kits are making a big comeback

Electronics kits seem to be popular again and that is terrific news. Our son is excited about electronics and there is so much he can do these days.

Pushing my linguistic envelope

I’m nearing the end of my ulpan classes and my teacher is pushing my linguistic envelope a little. He sent me a relatively advanced text about my city, Modi’in, and suggested I present to my class about it tonight.

When not knowing more Hebrew than your kids do can hurt them

Knowing more Hebrew is as much about helping your kids progress as it is about being able to order your morning coffee.

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