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  • Learning from others with RSS

    Learning from others with RSS

    I placed more emphasis on RSS feeds when Twitter started its Musk-infused decent into madness, as an healthier way to keep up to date with the news sources and people I follow. Rather than heading to Twitter to scroll through my curated Twitter lists, I started spending even more time in my RSS feeds in…

  • My Feedly wishlist

    My Feedly wishlist

    I’ve been using Feedly for many years. It is my go-to feed reader and it’s a central feature in my information diet. Inspired by Richard MacManus’ article, I thought I’d share my Feedly wishlist.

  • Is Medium just a RSS reader?

    Maybe Medium isn’t a publishing platform. Perhaps it’s really just a fancy RSS reader?

  • Mystified by all the interested in Feedspot

    Mystified by all the interested in Feedspot

    I started noticing a number of emails from people inviting me to use Feedspot. I was curious and took a look at the site. It turns out, this is what Feedspot offers: Receive daily updates from all your favorite websites in your email inbox Multiple Newsletters clutter your email inbox. Feedspot combines all in just…

  • Full feed lament

    This is probably going to sound pretty old fashioned but I miss the days when more blogs published full feeds and the exception to that norm was a truncated feed. Back then, in the old days of blogging, publishing full feeds just seemed to be more honest. When I subscribe to a feed these days…

  • Tip: get your LinkedIn Network updates in your feedreader

    I am on a mission to reduce the amount of email I receive each day. I’ve noticed that a significant majority of my daily email comprises updates from various social services (many of which I set not to send me emails). I don’t really see much value in most of that email so I sat…

  • Google Reader is closing down and taking more of the open Web with it

    Google Reader, visually, is awful but its value is not its interface but what it does. Google Reader is the feed synchronisation engine that powers many popular feed readers and enables users like me to follow a variety of terrific blogs. It isn’t the only way to keep up to date on what is happening…