See Spot get down

This is possibly one of the best things I’ve seen this week!

If you like the song, here it is:

By Paul

Enthusiast, writer, Happiness Engineer at Automattic. I take photos too. Passionate about my wife, Gina and #proudDad.


  1. Leita Crossfield – Washington State – I'm a journalist, a poet, a thinker, a researcher. My son calls me a "try-hard" because I love to learn new things and I recently completed two bachelor's degrees earning a 4.0. I have several blogs where I write about community, culture, and women's issues. In 2012, I submitted some poems to the poet Marge Piercy who selected me to participate in her Advanced Poetry Workshop with eleven other poets in Wellfleet, Mass. When I was 25, I launched a communications firm in Seattle, with an office at the historic terminal building at Boeing Field. Among other jobs, I have worked as a reporter, a high-tech marketing director, and as a manager at Nordstrom‑before serving briefly in the US Air Force, where bland green was the new black and I had to downplay my glamor tendencies. I also studied method acting for five years, which helped me to overcome my shyness, and prompted me to learn the art of laughing my guts out at improvisational skits. I once got to fly in a P-51 Mustang, traveling at 300 mph over the Mohave Desert, where I asked the pilot to perform every aerobatic move on the list. At the moment, I live in sunny Wenatchee, WA, USA. I work as the contract office manager for a counseling agency, which helps veterans with PTSD.
    Leita Crossfield says:

    That is too funny. Thanks for posting. I love following your blog!!

    1. Paul Jacobson – Modiin, Israel – Enthusiast, writer, Happiness Engineer at @automattic. I take photos too. Passionate about my wife, Gina and #proudDad.
      Paul says:

      You’re welcome!

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