Rock nostalgia

"Record" from Unsplash, released under a CC0 dedication

I’ve been listening to albums that I had on very heavy rotation about 20 years ago, this week. I’m not sure what this rock nostalgia indicates for me, although I still like many of these albums. The first band I revisited was Pearl Jam. I was really into them during my university years, and went…… Continue reading Rock nostalgia

Comforting familiarity

Jamie Rubin wrote about waning motivation, and comforting familiarity yesterday – Maybe it is familiarity during a time of uncertainty that I find comforting. The unknowns pull the levers of anxiety. Because of this, I have to limit myself to thinking about today and not worrying too much about what may happen tomorrow. When I…… Continue reading Comforting familiarity

When Lin-Manuel Zoom-bombed Some Good News and a young girl was speechless

Ok, the title really could have been longer. Actor John Krasinski (The Office, Jack Ryan) has a YouTube series titled “Some Good News”. In Episode 2, he, his wife, and friends rendered a young girl utterly speechless when they surprised her on a Zoom call. Oh, the friends included Lin-Manuel Miranda, and the cast of…… Continue reading When Lin-Manuel Zoom-bombed Some Good News and a young girl was speechless

Winter thrills with Vivaldi

Photo by Baher Khairy on Unsplash

I really enjoy Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons, and I’ve been listening to variations of a few of the movements/pieces/parts (I’m not sure what the terminology is) from Four Seasons in the last day or so. Two of my favourites are these: I’ve also really enjoyed watching different performances on YouTube, such as these:…… Continue reading Winter thrills with Vivaldi

Spotify recommendations are spot on today

Photo by Luana De Marco on Unsplash

I’ve been listening to one of my Spotify Daily Mixes that comprises instrumental movie and TV soundtracks. It has been giving me some excellent choices, many of which I haven’t heard before. I’m really impressed! Here are a couple tracks that have become new favourites: If only my YouTube recommendations for videos…… Continue reading Spotify recommendations are spot on today

Music in the park with Tal Kravitz

Tal Kravitz performed in the park as part of Modiin's Autumn Festival

Tal Kravitz performed at one of our city’s annual Autumn music festival events in a neighbourhood park yesterday. According to his bio on his Facebook Page – Tal Kravitz is a musician and a singer educated at Israel’s finest music institutions. He is also a traveler who journeyed on a personal search for original tribal…… Continue reading Music in the park with Tal Kravitz

My favourite songs this week

Photo by Luana De Marco on Unsplash

I’ve heard some terrific new music lately, and I thought I’d share some of my favourite songs this week. I don’t recall hearing this artist’s music before. This track is a great intro, though. Nick Mulvey I’ve been listening to more Nick Mulvey’s music, and enjoying many more of…… Continue reading My favourite songs this week