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Winter thrills with Vivaldi

I really enjoy Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons, and I’ve been listening to variations of a few of the movements/pieces/parts (I’m not sure what the terminology is) from Four Seasons in the last day or so.

Two of my favourites are these:

I’ve also really enjoyed watching different performances on YouTube, such as these:

We’re expecting rain in the coming week. It will be a perfect opportunity to play one of these pieces for dramatic effect when a storm arrives. Just for fun. 😁

unsplash-logoBaher Khairy





3 responses to “Winter thrills with Vivaldi

  1. Jamie Adams avatar

    Another fan of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons here. I quite enjoy the recomposed versions by Max Richter.

    1. Paul avatar

      Ah right! I forgot about that album. I really enjoy it too.

  2. bradenslen avatar

    @pauljacobson Neville Marriner now there is a name I haven’t heard in a long time. Takes me back to the 1970’s. My memory of Marriner and St. Martin’s in the Fields is they were always excellent. Vivaldi is wonderful. Enjoy!

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