When Lin-Manuel Zoom-bombed Some Good News and a young girl was speechless

The cast of Hamilton performing on SGN

Ok, the title really could have been longer. Actor John Krasinski (The Office, Jack Ryan) has a YouTube series titled “Some Good News“. In Episode 2, he, his wife, and friends rendered a young girl utterly speechless when they surprised her on a Zoom call.

Oh, the friends included Lin-Manuel Miranda, and the cast of Hamilton.

Missing Hamilton due to COVID-19

This young girl was due to go see Hamilton with her mother, but their trip was cancelled due to the pandemic. Her mother tweeted to Lin-Manuel about this, and Krasinski picked up on this.

He called this young girl, and what followed is just fantastic:

One of my favourite parts is around 11 minutes when she is utterly speechless as Lin-Manuel joins the call.

It definitely gets better, though, as Manuel’s friends (aka, the cast of Hamilton) join the call too to perform her favourite song from the production.

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