Ster Kinekor's flashy but useless website

The Ster Kinekor website is an example of where design and functionality part ways and only occasionally meet up again to bum smokes off each other.

Ster Kinekor

The site is practically all Flash with an excuse for an ecommerce engine somewhere in the background. It looks very pretty and makes swooshing noises when you do stuff (well, it probably will in the next version when the marketing person who approved this monstrosity gets the budget for the “swoosh” sound) but when it comes to actually making bookings on the site, well, there it is a great big #fail!

Today is typical of my experience with the site lately. I decided to try using Safari because the last time I used Firefox the booking system didn’t work. I used to find the payment processing part of the site used to just hang in one or the other browser, can’t remember which one. I loaded the site (sort of, Safari seems to be reluctant to load Flash automatically so all I got was a black page and two “Flash” placeholders), picked out the seats I wanted, ignored the prompts to add additional charges to my already heft ticket fee and proceeded to a new tab to pay for the tickets.

It was looking promising until I clicked on the button to pay by credit card and got this gem:

Ster Kinekor doesn't want my money

You would think, from the error message, that the payment system had rejected my card but all I had done is indicate, using a flashy blue button, that I wanted to use a credit card to pay. It just didn’t seem to like that idea at all and rejected the very notion that I would pay for my tickets by credit card.

(I tried to book and pay for tickets in Firefox too – same error)

So now I am just going to go and book the tickets at the venue using the self-help terminals and hope that there are decent seats two rows from the front, at least!



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  1. Andre avatar

    I couldn't agree more. Sooo frustrated at the website and at Ster Kinekor. I almost given up going to movies except for movies that have to be seen on the Big Screen like Avatar.

    I would like to, firstly be able to see movies when they are released worldwide and not 2 weeks later. I will continue to buy pirated DVD's or download movies until they, the industry that controls the movies, listens to us. How long do we have to wait until they listen to us? Wake up fat cats in your ivory towers!

    Secondly, get better staff at your complexes. I hate it when a so called manager just shrugs his shoulders when the air conditioning stops working during the movies or the cleaning staff come in as soon as the ending credits start to roll. Stay out until the movie has stopped!

  2. Syllable avatar

    I must say I didn't have any trouble using Firefox to book a ticket on Wednesday afternoon to go watch Sherlock Holmes yesterday. Everytime I use the site (granted it doesn't happen often), it has been working. No complaints here.

  3. Rob avatar

    Can someone please explain to me the rationale of the huge hike up in price of Ster Kinekor movie tickets. Is it in order to force the customer base to pay for extravagant new wide seats? Or is it to force us to open an Edgars account get the discount enabling card ? Or is it to force a switch from our existing medical aid to avail outrselves of the discounted tickets available through Discovery Health vitality Scheme. But this is not brain surgery, its a movie goddammit and our family of four now has to spend R192 to get in and R160 for the popcorn and coke. Spending a hiked R350 felt punitive and enforces the notiobn that its actually not better on the big screen, but better on home theatre with a one off cost of a DVD. Alternatively, switch to Nu Metro where my Momentum Health card enables me to pay R14 for TWO TICKETS (ie R7 each). I'm puzzled why Ster Kinekor would willingly squeeze out so many regulars by overpricing.

  4. Chris Onderstall avatar

    That site is really useless, unfortunately Nu Metro is also taking a flashy approach to online bookings. I default to the mobile site for Ster Kinekor (it actually works really well) try it here –“ rel=”nofollow”>

  5. Allan Kent avatar

    I managed to book tickets today, but only after a few tries. Similar errors and timeouts. Still, it worked in the end. I don't enjoy having to learn how to use an interface just to use the website – form should follow function – let me find the movies I want and book the tickets without having to jump through hoops.

    @Andre – I also enjoy watching the credits through to the end (remember Iron Man …) but the cleaning staff don't seem to appreciate that someone would want to stay past the traditional end of the movie. Off to see Sherlock Holmes in 2 hours and will be sitting through to the end of the credits 🙂

  6. pauljacobson avatar

    We just came out of Sherlock Holmes but didn't stay to the end of the credits. Let us know if there is a secret scene at the end? I expected it but didn't stay on (doesn't make any sense, I know).

  7. Andre avatar

    @sarahlane Best part of Sherlock Holmes: the closing credits.

  8. CJ avatar

    AGREED! Their payment system is useless! I tried and failed numerous times today (and in the past) to buy good seats for Avatar 3D. I eventually googled for the mobile website link, and ended up here (thanks @ chris onderstall). The mobile site actually lets you buy tickets! Amazing! Only drawback: you can't seem to specify our seats yourself.

    And holy crap R36pp, even with discovery discounts (R65 without). I get those 3D projectors must cost a fortune, but really…

  9. fredx avatar

    Yes there has been some problems with the self help machines at ster kinekor and yes the aircon in theater was malfunctional at tygervallei in December and lately the website does not seem to work but this is one out of many happy and functional times.
    I dont work there and i hope they fix it soon.

  10. Lorst avatar

    holy Sh111t, Just took the kids to see Princess and the Frog at Fourways, have not been to Ster Kinekor in ages, usually go across the road to Monte. I joined the club because the my ticket would be for free and the kids would pay half price, krap, still payed over 100 bucks. Popcorn and drinks set me back another 100bucks. tried to book on the fancy website but to no avail, almost threw the comp out the window, kept checking my connection because the site did nothing. Will not go to Ster Kinekor any time soon again- Service sucked and was way overpriced.

  11. maroussia avatar

    It will be great to watch Sound Of Music, i have bought tickets from“ rel=”nofollow”>… looking forward to it.

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