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  • Should Tumblr be the next Twitter? I hope not.

    Should Tumblr be the next Twitter? I hope not.

    I can’t help but think that Jeremy Gordon’s call for people to return to Tumblr after abandoning Twitter misses the point a bit. But on Tumblr, people could go on for at long as they needed to, a valuable tool for posters who could actually justify it. (And I use the past tense here in […]

  • Elephants all the way down

    I’ve been trying to follow discussions about a return to blogs as a preferred, personal publishing tool, and how they could integrate with Mastodon. One technology that comes up as a possible way to connect blogs to Mastodon is WebSub (formerly PubSubHubbub). I read a bit about using Bridgy Fed to do this a while […]

  • Moving from Twitter to WordPress

    Moving from Twitter to WordPress

    I really like this post about how Matthew Haughey has switched to a WordPress blog from Twitter. Not just because he chose WordPress.

  • Facebook pulls all the heart strings

    One of the benefits of not using Facebook much is that I see how Facebook entices occasional users back into the fold.

  • Should You Quit Facebook?

    Whether you’re concerned about recent news about the extent of Facebook’s tracking or not, this discussion is worth watching:

  • When Even Planetary Scientists Are Driven From Twitter

    Not too long ago, I wrote about how I was seeing so much value in Twitter because of the people I choose to follow. One of the highlights of my Twitter feed has been Dr Sarah Hörst, a Planetary Scientist at Johns Hopkins University. Sarah is an inspiration, and I enjoy her tweets tremendously. She […]

  • The case against Facebook

    The case against Facebook

    But Googlers can also make a strong case that Google makes valuable contributions to the information climate. I learn useful, real information via Google every day. And while web search is far from a perfect technology, Google really does usually surface accurate, reliable information on the topics you search for. Facebook’s imperative to maximize engagement, […]

  • Facebook Guilt Trips

    I’ve been fairly inactive on Facebook in recent months. One of the benefits of that is having an opportunity to see a variety of Facebook Guilt Trips in action. Here’s today’s: I don’t remember which Page I unfollowed. I’m pretty sure I won’t feel to guilty about it.