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  • Bizcommunity says “thanks”

    I just got back from a Wild West-themed party hosted by Bizcommunity at Party House in Northgate. The event was held to thank Bizcommunity’s clients and prospective clients for their business and interest. I had a couple really interesting discussions about satellite TV in Africa and the upcoming CNBC Africa launch on 1 June (which […]

  • I could kick myself …

    … (again) that I wasn’t at this event: (Source: Lessig blog – thanks to Colette for the link) Technorati Tags:free digital culture, creativity is a right, lawrence lessig, jimmy wales, creative commons, icommons, whispa, could kick myself

  • Listen to your wife, she is never wrong …

    I just read a post by Ilan Pillemer titled “Tefillin embarassment” where he discovers a truth about marriage and wives. Wives say they are always right (some add that even when they are wrong, they are still right). In my short time with Gina I have (reluctantly) realised that she is right most of the […]

  • Vincent is a dad!

    A very big congratulations to Vincent and Daniella Maher. Their little nugget, Michael Liam Maher, was born today, 13 April 2007. Mom is doing just fine as I type this and resting. Very exciting news all around. Technorati Tags:vincent maher, michael liam maher, daniella maher, baby, nugget

  • It’s Zach Braff’s birthday

    I just noticed on IMDB that today is Zach Braff‘s birthday. Zach is the genius behind Scrubs and is in a new movie called The Ex which I am looking forward to seeing. Here is a trailer from YouTube:

  • The dark Web … develops

    There is a post on Doc Searls’ blog with an email from Alan Herrell who appeared to be the person behind many of the attacks on Kathy Sierra on the blog. It seems that the posts published under his name or credited to him were published by someone involved in stealing Herrell’s digital identity […]

  • Men have no focus …

    Got this from a friend by email: This is why men shouldn’t write in to magazines … Technorati Tags:men, letters, no focus

  • How young you all are …

    Lately I have really started to notice how young so many people in the local community are. I see people’s dates of birth in their profiles on Facebook and on their blogs and I keep seeing birth dates in the 1980s. Wow, I am starting to feel like the older guy in the crowd … […]