Category: Events and Life

  • Watching Star Trek with my little girl

    We had a rainy Sunday afternoon and settled in to watch Star Trek again. Both our kids dozed for about half the movie and we watched the end of it more or less together. I managed to get a relatively decent shot of my and my daughter sitting together.

  • Saturday afternoon scratches for a Dachshund

    How one Dachshund spends his Saturday afternoons …

  • Explore Yad Vashem's collections online

    I just noticed that Yad Vashem’s collections are available online, with Google’s help. If you are not familiar with Yad Vashem (I haven’t had an opportunity to visit yet, myself), here is some background information: As the Jewish people’s living memorial to the Holocaust, Yad Vashem safeguards the memory of the past and imparts its…

  • A Dis-Chem nurse hurt my little girl and didn't seem to care

    We had an awful experience this week with Dis-Chem‘s nurse in the Norwood Mall. Gina took our little girl, Faith, to the clinic there for her 12 week shots. As I understand it (Update: take a look at Gina’s post for her perspective and thoughts), the shots include one in each thigh and some polio…

  • We are registered to vote, are you?

    We just checked our registration at our local polling station for the upcoming local elections. Register if you want to have your say.

  • Spider in my car

    I got into my car this morning to drive to the office and noticed a spider web across the passenger window. My car was even cleaned yesterday. These buggers work fast!

  • A powerful post about our paramedics

    I was planning to just mention this post on the Love.Cybelle blog when I flooded Twitter and took my blog down for a bit. It is a powerful post about what it is like to live with one of the heroes we see each day and, perhaps, too easily take for granted. The post is…

  • Vavi and Mantashe speaking at The Gathering

    I am a very bad blogger! I filmed these two speeches at The Gathering almost a month ago and forgot to let everyone know they are available. Well, until now. The Gathering was a terrific experience and The Daily Maverick people did a terrific job putting the event together and securing the speakers who spoke.…