WordPress 3.0 releases and I'm trying a new theme

I noticed that WordPress 3.0 released and I upgraded my blog immediately using the fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants-don’t-try-this-at-home-kids method of just upgrading automatically without making a complete backup first. Fortunately it worked and I didn’t lose almost 6 years of blog posts. I decided to change my theme on the blog and I adapted the default Twenty Ten […]

HTC Desire and the Motorola Milestone

The local Android smartphone marketplace is about to become even more exciting with a number of new Android phones from HTC and Motorola entering local channels. I was invited to both the HTC/Leaf and Motorola launch events and was pretty excited by what I saw and was told (well, with a couple exceptions). HTC devices […]

A case for Firefox

You either have to love or run screaming from the hype cycle these days, particularly when it comes to Google and its products. We’ve seen it with hype over Chrome OS (which I regard as very limited), Google Docs (in the context of it being a Microsoft Office killer), Gmail and more. In some cases […]

Ster Kinekor's flashy but useless website

The Ster Kinekor website is an example of where design and functionality part ways and only occasionally meet up again to bum smokes off each other. The site is practically all Flash with an excuse for an ecommerce engine somewhere in the background. It looks very pretty and makes swooshing noises when you do stuff […]

Notify: a handy tool for Web mail users

I came across this great email tool from Vibealicious a little while ago which works nicely if you have a preference for Web mail apps like Gmail, Google Apps mail and other Web-based email services. Notify takes the form of an email notifier which Gmail Notifier users will be familiar with (it works similarly). One […]

Google ChromeOS: I just don't get it

Google Chrome OS attracted a huge amount of attention and continues to do so. As you may know it is a Linux-based operating system developed largely by Google and which will be released in about a year. It is touted as the next Next Big Thing and, like many Google products, it will apparently solve […]

The way we live next according to Nokia

Nokia invited me to be part of a Joburg-based focus group based on its event in Finland titled “The Way We Live Next 3.0” which took place in the last few days. Its video pretty much sets the atmosphere for the event and presents a number of exciting possibilities for future mobile devices: Rich Mulholland […]

Hey N97, let's be friends (its not me, its you)

This post has been an idea in my head, bouncing around while I debate what to write about my Nokia N97. I was hoping I could tell you that the phone performs even better than I expected, satisfies all my needs and is undoubtedly the best phone ever … like, ever! Sadly, I can’t do […]

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