Preview of MeeGo for tablet devices

I came across this video preview of a pre-alpha MeeGo version which looks pretty exciting:

MeeGo is the love-child of Nokia’s Maemo and Intel’s Moblin operating systems. I was hoping that Maemo would develop further after spending some time with the Maemo 5 powered N900 last year and was disappointed to discover there would be no Maemo 6. MeeGo does look very interesting though and it will be great to see release versions on mobile devices and tablets.

The big question is how rich the application ecosystem will be because that seems to be the determining factor for success. That said, I did notice that one MeeGo release includes the Chrome browser which should, I imagine, give a user access to the Chrome application ecosystem, albeit via HTML 5. MeeGo also includes Qt 4.6 which should mean that a range of Nokia applications also developed using Qt should be able to run on MeeGo devices. That is, if I understand how Qt works or what it enables.

MeeGo has some pretty stiff competition already from Apple’s iOS (specifically on the iPad) and Android. Of course there is also Ubuntu which has developed its own flavours for netbooks and similar devices. I haven’t seen anything concrete about an Ubuntu powered tablet yet but that would certainly make the landscape even more interesting.



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