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Teaching kids fractions

Our son is learning fractions at school. He’s finding them a little challenging, so I’ve been trying to help him. On one hand, my math knowledge still seems to be sufficient at his level. On the other, I don’t remember doing this stuff like he does it at school.

I found a couple links that will hopefully be helpful to him (well, aside from the examples I worked through with him, some artful diagrams with blocks, and loads of patience), so I thought I’d share them –

I also found the Khan Academy videos on YouTube (also worthwhile if you just want the videos):

Kids these days have such awesome resources available … (and, thankfully, so do we parents!)

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3 responses to “Teaching kids fractions

  1. Suzi Tench avatar

    I remember my Uncle teaching me fractions with a real cake and cutting it into half, then quarters etc… and every answer I got ringt we got a piece of cake! lol! xx

    1. Paul avatar

      I was thinking about using a slab of chocolate to demonstrate the principles to our son, but we didn’t have any to use.

      1. Suzi Tench avatar

        Aww…that would have been a really good idea though! xx

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