Pretty excited about the RSS block in Gutenberg 5.0

I noticed that Gutenberg 5.0 has added a RSS block to the editor. This is probably a bit nerdy, but I was pretty excited to see this addition to the block editor.

My “Interesting stuff” page is an experiment in sharing things I find, well, interesting online. I had to install a separate plugin to add a RSS feed that I created, initially. The new RSS block makes it as easy as it should be to just add a RSS feed to a post or a page.

I like it!

This wasn’t the only addition through Gutenberg 5.0. Here’s the announcement post with details of the new Kindle block, and a great tweak to the Cover block:

unsplash-logoFeatured image by Markus Spiske


6 responses to “Pretty excited about the RSS block in Gutenberg 5.0

  1. Arun Sathiya avatar

    Yes, I like these little things about Gutenberg. I recently changed my homepage from being a blog archive to a static page with “Recent posts” block and I like how it looks!

  2. Arun Sathiya avatar

    Curious, how did you create this branded shortlink?

    1. Paul avatar

      I’m using a plugin called Hum –

  3. JuJu avatar

    What kind of plugin did you use to create the RSS feed your block reads?

    1. Paul avatar

      I’m mostly just using feeds from sites that I want to subscribe to with the block.

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