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Enjoying 9 Dead Alive by Rodrigo y Gabriela

One of our many, many Slack channels at Automattic is one that focuses on great soundtracks, and other instrumental music. We usually share movie, TV, and game soundtracks in the channel.

The other day, I mentioned how I’d love to find more music like Cody Francis’ “Mountain Air” –

I really enjoy this track, but none of Francis’ other music on Spotify seems to be quite as good. One of my colleagues suggested another option – Rodrigo y Gabriela, an awesome guitar duo.

I dove into a recent album, 9 Dead Alive, and it’s terrific! Check this out:

I love how you can watch artists perform, and it adds a new dimension to their music. Here’s the duo playing “The Soundmaker” live:

If you’re interested in some of their story, it’s also worth listening to their 2014 Spotify Sessions performance where they both play, and are interviewed about their work:

The reason why Rodrigo y Gabriela came up in a channel about soundtracks is that they also performed for Hans Zimmer’s soundtrack, “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides“:

Now that I know this, I think I need to listen to that soundtrack again! I also think that this music could be great running music (I’ll try it as an alternative to my usual podcasts).

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3 responses to “Enjoying 9 Dead Alive by Rodrigo y Gabriela

  1. Greg McVerry avatar

    @pauljacobson You should think about adding a listen post types to your website. We have fun tracing tracks. Of course the super techy scrobble post to their blog or have webhooks in their media server. i roll it manually.
    I wonder if we could do a Slack bot that is a micropub client.

    1. Paul avatar

      Hey @jgmac1106, I have Post Kinds enabled on my blog but the metaboxes disappeared either when I upgraded to WordPress 5.0 and/or switched to the new WordPress Editor.

      It looks like development on an update to the plugin to adapt it to Gutenberg has stalled for now. Also I like this theme more than the themes that better support the plugin.

      To add to my uncooperative approach, I really like using Gutenberg. For now, I’m not being particularly proactive, aside from selecting Post Kinds more my posts, in anticipation of everything working better in the near future.

  2. JohnPhilpin avatar

    @pauljacobson phenomenal duo

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