Photography habits for 2017

Photography shakeup for 2017

I don’t really buy into New Year’s resolutions but Eric Kim’s “25 Photography New Year’s Resolutions” contains a number of things I’d like to do a little differently when it comes to my photography.

25 Photography New Year’s Resolutions

I think the first 6 resolutions are probably right up there on my list of changes to make to my habits and mindset:

  1. Never leave the house without having your camera with you (around your neck, in your backpack, or camera bag, etc)
  2. Never hesitate taking a photo you want to take
  3. Don’t upload as many photos to social media
  4. Spend less time on social media
  5. Stop doubting yourself and your photography
  6. Stop comparing yourself on social media to other photographers

On a related note, I found his suggestion to spend an entire year shooting with a single lens to be intriguing. I mostly use my f1.8 50mm lens but I occasionally switch to one of my kit lenses, particularly when I find myself becoming a little too complacent with my 50mm lens.

Why You Should Shoot with One Camera and One Lens

If anything, I’d really like to move closer to merging my photography and writing in some form or another in the coming year. I’m not sure what’s holding me back there but I have these two passions and I think they would work well together.

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