#IamIsraeli, #IamaJew

Don’t say #IamTelAviv. Say #IamIsraeli, #IamaJew

Last night terrorists dressed as religious Jews launched a deadly attack on patrons of the popular Sarona Market in Tel Aviv. A common show of support for terrorism victims has started circulating: the #IamTelAviv hashtag. I think this is the wrong hashtag.

As I write this, 4 people have died from their wounds sustained in the attack.

A meme has started making its way around the web that is a variation of the hashtag themes that followed the terrorist attacks in Paris and other cities. People are showing their support for victims by using the hashtag #IamTelAviv.

I disagree. This was an attack on Israelis, on Jews. #IamTelAviv is a statement of support and unity, for sure, but this wasn’t just an attack on a city. This was a focused attack, it was more targeted. This was about killing Israelis, Jews.

The hashtag #IamTelAviv ignores the fact that terrorist attacks in Israel are not attacks on some monolithic city or a generic group of people. This was specific. If you want to show your support and signal your unity with us, use a hashtag that signals support for the real targets.



I dare you.

Postscript (2016-06-09)

This an example of what it means to be #IamIsraeli:



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