My wife baked sour dough bread from scratch

My wife decided to make sour dough bread. She started by growing her own yeast over a week or two and, yesterday, used it to bake bread. It was terrific and went well with her chicken soup.

My wife is a talented woman! This last weekend she baked sour dough bread for us that went really well with her home-made chicken soup. If you are into baking, take a look at her post titled “A lesson in patience“:

A lesson in patience

What impressed me was that she grew the yeast she used to make the bread. I didn’t think about documenting that process before but I’ll make sure I do for next time. As I understand it, she grew the initial yeast, used some of it for the bread she baked over the weekend and left the rest of the yeast to continue growing. I forgot the term she used for it (I want to say “culture” but it’s not that).

Of course I took a few photos of the baking process (my roles are usually taking photos of her culinary process and enjoying it afterwards).

2016-01-16 Gina made sour dough bread

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