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  • Today is the first day of my Summer vacation, and I’ve started it with an unexpectedly appealing drink in a park with our daughter while we wait for our son to finish a lesson nearby.

  • When the sound of chewing drives you crazy

    I’m definitely one of those people who find the sound of chewing infuriating. I have moments when it’s tolerable but, for the most part, it drives me crazy. Irrationally so. It turns out, this may be as much of a biological thing, as it is a psychological thing (and yet another thing to add to […]

  • Diabetic for 6 years

    Today is the sixth anniversary of my Diabetes diagnosis. I remember the morning I received the news from my doctor. I had gone for blood tests because I was feeling thirsty almost constantly, and I noticed that my vision was a little fuzzy. I discovered that these are two typical symptoms of Diabetes later. At […]

  • This song goes well with the smell of apples and cinnamon

    My wife baked an apple crumble for us this cold and rainy afternoon. As the smell of apples and cinnamon filled it apartment, this song, Mountain Air by Cody Francis, was playing on Spotify: As song and smell pairings go, this is a good one! Update: Here’s what that smell was all about:

  • Rest In Pieces, my favourite mug

    One of the disadvantages of having a bigger dog with a tail that does its own thing is that items on coffee tables are suddenly vulnerable. Today, our puppy’s tail casually laid waste to my favourite tea and coffee mug. 😭 Rest In Pieces, dear mug. You will be missed.

  • There is no perfect diet for humans

    Put down your pitchforks, there is no perfect diet for everyone. Professor Eran Segal’s talk at a July 2016 TEDxRuppin event reveals how individual diets really are.

  • Women driven to drink

    Although I am not even remotely qualified to comment, Kristi Coulter’s article about women driven to drink makes for interesting reading.

  • Revital Cahani – one day at a time

    Revital Cahani is a terrific photographer and designer who shoots beautiful food photography. I am a fan and I think you may enjoy her work too.