The number 1 reason why you are crazy to buy an Apple Watch

Apple product fans are usually pretty loyal and have Apple Koolaid coursing through their veins. They flock to every new Apple release. Nothing new there. That said, the hysteria around the Apple Watch is just amazing. Its as if the Apple Watch is a cure for every technological failing and the only question is which one to buy, not whether its better to skip this version?

When I think about reasons to buy the Apple Watch, the biggest reason why you would be crazy to buy an Apple Watch is pretty simple: it is a 1st generation device! Do you even remember the 1st generation iPhone or iPad? They were exciting when they came out but they turned out to be pretty mediocre when compared to subsequent generation versions.

Nilay Patel, The Verge’s editor in chief, has a great video review of the Apple Watch which you should watch (excuse the pun) before rushing off to buy one of these devices:

If you still feel like you absolutely #need the Apple Watch after this pretty balanced review then you probably either have far too much disposable cash than perspective on more important things to spend it on or you are one of those pseudo-hipster Apple fanatics who just can’t resist rushing to waste money on a first attempt smart watch you’ll upgrade next year anyway.

Really, it is a first generation device. The only thing compelling about it is that it is new. Apple will produce a much better version next year or the year after that. You won’t #die if you don’t buy one now, just use your iPhone 6 to tell the time and do other stuff.

Image credit: Apple Watch Sport by Yasunobu Ikeda, licensed CC BY-SA 2.0




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