My emigration coping mechanism – 80s music

I had an interesting realization recently when a friend asked on Facebook if anyone else was suddenly really into 80s music lately? It caught my attention because I have been listening to a lot of 80s rock and pop since we arrived in Israel (thanks to my Rdio subscription and my iPad which has become my new radio).

Rdio history

Our apartment looks like we are camping in it. It was largely unfurnished when we arrived (except for the kitchen and beds we bought and had delivered before we arrived). A messing shipment process has resulted in our stuff only likely to arrive at the end of this month (quick advice: if you have the means to ship your stuff to your new home overseas in a container reserved just for you, it may be worth the extra cost).

So we don’t have most of our appliances or furniture we shipped yet and our home feels pretty incomplete. My friend’s Facebook question got me thinking about my sudden craving for 80s music and it occurred to me that it could be a sort of familiar comfort, a coping mechanism, that helps our home feel more like, well, our home in the absence of more familiar stuff that is (presumably) sailing up the east coast of Africa.


What do you think?

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