“We’re a generation of smartphones and dumb people”

One was to describe the world we live in today is as a “contradiction”. We have so many ways to connect with each other and share our lives and yet the primary ways we do that also isolate us from meaningful human contact. The instrument of our isolation is also the device we use to connect to each other: our smartphones.

How often do you find yourself in a room with friends or family and they are more focused on the screen in their hands and interested in a conversation with people somewhere else than they are in the moments they could share with you in person? The challenge with social media is using it to share moments and not isolate yourself from meaningful connections with each other.

Gary Turk published a terrific video about this titled “Look Up” which says it nicely:

I like his characterization of what many of us have become:

We are a generation of smartphone and dumb people

I also really enjoyed this interview with Louis CK on Team Coco about his take on Twitter:



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