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  • The case against Facebook

    But Googlers can also make a strong case that Google makes valuable contributions to the information climate. I learn useful, real information via Google every day. And while web search is far from a perfect technology, Google really does usually surface accurate, reliable information on the topics you search for. Facebook’s imperative to maximize engagement, […]

  • I’ve been fairly inactive on Facebook in recent months. One of the benefits of that is having an opportunity to see a variety of Facebook Guilt Trips in action. Here’s today’s: I don’t remember which Page I unfollowed. I’m pretty sure I won’t feel to guilty about it.

  • RTFBP is RTFM for blog posts

    This is an apology to writers and content marketers for not reading their blog posts before firing off responses to their tweets and Facebook posts. Here is a new acronym: RTFBP.

  • Why Slack release notes are so much fun

    If you love Slack release notes as much as I do then you’ll love this article by Slack’s Anna Pickard with insights into her team’s approach to release notes.

  • What is Twitter good for?

    So what is Twitter good for given the relatively low, meaningful engagement? The answer is probably “not much” if Twitter’s value is the extent to which it sends traffic to what you tweet about as opposed to focusing attention on itself.

  • Publishers rediscover the link economy

    Publishers are returning to that old link economy model that made the blogosphere what it was but with a new name.

  • I read Anil Dash’s post titled “Nobody Famous” on Medium recently and it is worth reading if you are either wondering if it is worth the effort attracting a large Twitter following or if you believe your large Twitter following is somehow meaningful. Nobody Famous I noticed that a tweet I posted was getting a […]

  • How brands fail to really engage and don’t realize it

    As marketers we think that we are “engaging” with our “target market” when we run “campaigns” on various social media platforms. We point to various indicators of our successes which range from social signals like retweets, Likes, +1s and comments of various sorts along with some sort of secondary success metric. The industry has come a […]