Generous Fathers' Day gifts with #lovefromiStoreSA

My wife told me she had a call from iStore SA (the Core Group, I believe) to arrange delivery of a Fathers’ Day gift for me. They delivered it to her office last week and she handed it to me when I popped in to say hi. It arrived unwrapped but in an iStore bag and since I prefer to keep gifts pretty much unopened until the relevant day arrives, I brought it home and stuck it in a cupboard until today, Fathers’ Day (or, as I prefer to call it “Dads’ Day” – “Fathers’ Day” sounds so stuffy).

So, this morning I opened it with our kids (Gina was working since early this morning but she’d seen the gift already) and, boy, I was bowled over. She received a gift from the iStore for Mothers’ Day and that was a great gift. This was just over the top. It wasn’t an Apple device (that would have been crazy). Instead they sent me a Knomo Henderson brief (basically a fancy messenger bag that looks more professional) and a pretty funky Tech21 iPhone 5 Case Impact Mesh with an orange trim (not my first colour choice but I like it).

As far as I know I’m not the only recipient of such a generous gift from the iStore but this doesn’t change the fact that I am just bowled over and grateful. I switched all my stuff across to the new bag from my current InCase messenger bag (a terrific bag which I’ve used since the day I bought my MacBook Air 13″) and the new bag has plenty space for it between the zip up section on the front and the sleeve on the bag. There is plenty of space in the main, padded section, for my MacBook Air and my iPad (the bag is designed for a 15″ laptop so that makes sense).

The bag is beautiful and I like some of the design and materials choices like the leather on the front and a different material on the other side where it would probably be in constant contact with my body as I walk where I may otherwise wear the leather away. I had to take a couple photos of the bag to share. A big thank you to the iStore and my wife for this generous gift.


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