Best plugin for URL redirects in WordPress?

I’d like to redirect urls in a WordPress site and I could use recommendations for good plugins or methods of doing this effectively and cleanly. What I’d like to do is redirect something like:


What I want to do is change a top level menu item on the site without breaking all the links to the underlying pages. I can change the links I am aware of but I’d like to ensure that legacy links still resolve to the correct page on the new URL path.

Any suggestions how best to do this?


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    1. I knew about the Redirection one. It looked a bit neglected. The other one looks interesting, if anything because its a Yoast plugin.

  1. Try this:

    RedirectMatch 301 /pathA(.*) /pathB/$1


    RewriteRule ^pathA/(.*)$ /pathB/$1 [R=301,NC,L]

    If you’re using Worrpress the .htaccess file should already exist.

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