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  • The curious announcement that Pinboard has acquired Delicious

    I’m not sure what to make of the announcement that Pinboard has acquired Delicious. If Maciej Ceglowski did, indeed, buy the service to preserve the bookmarks then that is a good thing for the open Web.

  • RTFBP is RTFM for blog posts

    This is an apology to writers and content marketers for not reading their blog posts before firing off responses to their tweets and Facebook posts. Here is a new acronym: RTFBP.

  • What is Twitter good for?

    So what is Twitter good for given the relatively low, meaningful engagement? The answer is probably “not much” if Twitter’s value is the extent to which it sends traffic to what you tweet about as opposed to focusing attention on itself.

  • I’d like to redirect urls in a WordPress site and I could use recommendations for good plugins or methods of doing this effectively and cleanly. What I’d like to do is redirect something like: http://acmesite.com/pathA/page.html to: http://acmesite.com/pathB/page.html What I want to do is change a top level menu item on the site without breaking all […]