Inspire yourself, screw humility

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I believe that we should do things that scare us and challenge us because that is how can take huge strides forward. This afternoon I worked on a memo for a client in which I advised my client on how to structure a particular software transaction. It was fairly different to the sort of work I have done before and it was very engaging. I had to think about the challenges facing the transaction in a new way and when I finished the memo I was struck by how inspired I felt.

The memo may not influence the negotiations (I’m not part of them at the moment) but the process of writing the memo and conceptualising the models I proposed left me thinking about how important it is not only to challenge yourself by facing your fears but also to do things through which you inspire yourself and, unashamedly, impress yourself with what you can do.

Oh, and screw humility at times like this. Humility has a role to play in human relationships but in your relationship with yourself, recognise how awesome you are and what incredible stuff you can do. Just don’t lose yourself in hubris, that is another beast.


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