Perspective has stepped out for the day

Today has been a pretty dynamic (read: crazy) day. It began with news about Facebook’s insane (for so many reasons) $16bn acquisition of WhatsApp which Michael Jordaan put into great perspective with this tweet:

I then had one of those days which took a few interesting turns where opportunities have popped up and took me down a different path to the one I thought I’d be walking today. It isn’t a bad day, just a challenging one and eating late hasn’t done wonders for my blood glucose or mood.

I sat down with a terrific chicken mayo panini from Food Lovers at the Norwood Mall and watched this short documentary titled “Open Door to Solitude” which reintroduced some perspective on the craziness we live with each day. Ed Zevely’s comments on the city and the constant and frenetic activity we have become accustomed to especially stood out for me.

If you are having one of those crazy days, take 6 minutes and watch this.

Open Door to Solitude from Filson on Vimeo.






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