Making vanilla essence – a mini photo shoot preview

My wife made vanilla essence and she asked me to take some photos of the process for her. Here are a couple photos straight off my camera.

Getting started with vanilla and glass bottles
Pouring the vodka

She’ll publish She published the edited set on her blog when her post is done but I thought I’d share these few as a preview (Update: Gina’s post is up at You Cook What? on her blog so go take a look at her recipe for vanilla essence.

The essence of vanilla

This is probably my first food shoot so I guessed a lot about which perspectives to take photos from and how to shoot the stuff. Let me know if you have any suggestions? We’ll do the rest of the photos when Gina is done with the process. My photos are up on Flickr if you’d like to take a look. Feedback is most welcome!

2012-05-20 Gina makes vanilla essence


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