I wasn't seriously complaining but @MTNSouthAfrica still came through

I tweeted this fairly facetious complaint this morning more due to a silly mood than any real complaint about MTN’s data network coverage. Our DSL line was on the fritz, apparently due to some Internet Solutions maintenance work on its lines, so we switched to cellular data on our phones for our morning data fix. My house sits in an spot on the network and we can’t get decent 3G signal there. Some parts of the house have 3G, others have EDGE and others have almost nothing. I’m not sure if its the roof or just location.

Anyway, I tweeted what I tweeted, realising that network technology is probably just not at the point where it is cost effective to truly blanket everywhere with a fast data connection (still dreaming of the fictional and possible worldwide data communications skin that spans the globes with high speed connectivity and costs almost nothing). Generally I am happy with MTN’s network and where there is crappy signal, its usually not the end of the world (it would be great if the Drakensberg had more than minimal EDGE connectivity, though – we enjoy going there and still like to stay in touch).

MTN surprised me, again, with a message from an MTN representative asking if he can help resolve my connectivity issues. I explained that I was just being silly and it wasn’t anything for him to spend his time on. It was still really great that he took the time to get in touch.

Update: I just received a call from an MTN engineer who is going to look into reception at my house. What started out as a silly tweet and vaguely serious rant has turned into a very solid example of great service from MTN. Short of MTN shutting down one day, I am not moving to another network for the foreseeable future! These (crazy) people rock!






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