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  • Unpacking MTN’s misleading “uncapped” data bundle

    Unpacking MTN’s misleading “uncapped” data bundle

    I stumbled across this story about MTN’s misleading “uncapped” data bundle offer and the more I read, the more frustrated I felt about MTN’s messaging about the service and confusion it causes.

  • MTN's seemingly stupid LTE pricing strategy

    Apparently MTN is charging its contract users an extra R39 each month for access to its LTE service. This access charge seems to be an add-on like data bundles and itemised billing and it is something Telkom executives would come up with as a Good Idea because it adds another convenient revenue stream. It doesn’t…

  • If MTN can do this here, why don't we see this more often elsewhere?

    I do speed tests on my connections all the time. I don’t get out much and this, along with website terms and conditions, is a bit of an obsession for me. I see speeds like this in areas around Johannesburg on some days and really lousy speeds in most other areas and I wonder why…

  • My upload line speed on @MTNSouthAfrica is a beautiful thing this morning

    I had to switch over to MTN 3G when I got to my office this morning because my Afrihost ADSL doesn’t seem to be working here at the moment. I ran the obligatory speed test and this beautiful set of readings was my result. The upload line speed is particularly beautiful this morning: Now to…

  • Dial up speeds on @MTNSouthAfrica

    I’m at the Design Quarter this morning and the 3G data speeds are pretty lousy this morning. I was getting pretty excited about the speeds I was seeing in Rosebank and Melrose Arch but now I think MTN was just teasing me.

  • Driving through @melrosearch on @MTNSouthAfrica's network

    I know I pot about MTN quite a bit lately but Melrose Arch has some pretty good transfer rates. This was taken driving through Melrose Arch but I’ve had even better transfer rates in the Piazza in particular. I also post this stuff because high speeds, especially the upload rates, excite me.

  • Wolves + MTN = a beautiful thing

    We are at Wolves for a bit this morning (we had to escape the office smokers) and I can’t connect to the wifi so I am using my iPhone to connect to the MTN data network. As is required of any geek worth his or her smartphone, I ran a speed test and this was…

  • Blazing broadband at Melrose Arch on @MTNSouthAfrica

    Like any geek sitting down in a new location for more than 5 seconds, I ran a Speedtest on the MTN network here at Melrose Arch. The download rate is awesome but the upload rate is unusually slow for cellular data, in my limited experience.