Clarity about your tasks with the Clear app

A new app called Clear, due for release in early February, may be the productivity lifeline you have been waiting for to help you make sense of your tasks.

I am an OmniFocus fan. I use it on my desktop and sync it with the app on my iPhone. OmniFocus is one of the primary reasons I am pretty much committed to the iOS platform (there are others but OmniFocus is one of the anchors). OmniFocus let’s me maintain my fairly complex set of tasks and projects and is one of the best productivity apps I’ve tried.

That said, an app like Clear has its appeal. Its simple, the UI looks awesome, and it could even be fun to use. Its interface looks really simple and that’s probably a good thing. Forced simplicity helps avoid too much complexity and let’s focus on just doing stuff.

(Source: Ars Technica)



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