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Kitchen Radio

We have an unwritten and evolving list of things we would like to do ay home. I am sure most people do. One of the things I would love to do is install some sort of system where we can play great sounding music in every room of the house and be able to pick the music for whichever room we are in (I’m not sure what is available but I noticed that Sonos does something like this).

My wife and I were making supper together last night (something we don’t do often and, at the same time, probably should) and I had some Fleetwood Mac (one of my all-time favourite bands – mostly love songs and daddy issues with a couple miscellaneous themes thrown in) playing on my iPhone while we were preparing/cooking. It changed the kitchen’s atmosphere and made supper’s preparation fun and not just something to get through as quickly as possible.

I remember when I still lived with my parents in their previous house my Dad used to turn the hifi on to some radio station on weekends, especially when we had people over for a braai or something. The lounge opened onto a veranda of sorts which led to the garden. It was a terrific layout and the top 40 in the background filled the space. I also like the experience of moving from outside where you are in a sort of social context with friends and family around a braai, pool or something, through this music in the lounge and into the kitchen for whatever reason and back out again. Its almost like the music connects the food with the social and provides a memorable background soundtrack for the memories.

Image credit: Kitchen radio by lurw, licensed CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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