A day with smart glass envisioned by Corning


This Corning concept video displays a possible technological future to the Microsoft series not too long ago. Its a world I could be very comfortable in where devices made from smart, tough glass take our current ability to engage with our world and each other even further.

The great this about all these glass panels is that we have the benefit of feeling like we are still in our world while retaining our personal work and communication spaces. The bus stop example is a great one. Even this shelter in the city is clear and provides panels for passengers to use for quick communications.

Take a look at this Microsoft montage while you are at it. It is derived from a couple thematic concept videos Microsoft published a little while ago showing possibilities for different industries and lifestyles. Similar concepts, just different interfaces:

We’re living in an exciting technological age right now and if these concepts become reality in the coming years, our children will have lifestyles that would make Star Trek visions look primitive (leaving aside warp space travel and transporters …).




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