Thinking iPhone 4 thanks to HTC

Rich Mulholland showed me his iPhone 4 the other day and he made an interesting comment. Rich has historically not been a fan of Apple Inc although he generally uses its products. He said that he was hoping that the iPhone 4 would disappoint him like some other Apple products and it hasn’t.

I’ve been contemplating a switch to an iPhone despite how much I like Android. One reason is still OmniFocus which is probably one of the best productivity apps around. I don’t really use it anymore because there isn’t a version for Android and I have found I tend to be more productive if my tasks follow me around. I have been using Remember the Milk and set it for a quasi-GTD methodology. The Web interface for my tasks is clunky because of the way I use lists for projects but RTM is otherwise an excellent option.

Another reason I am starting to like the idea of an iPhone more is the availability of firmware updates as they come out. I am still waiting for HTC or Leaf to release Froyo here in SA for locally bought phones on MTN. The silence from Leaf and the continued absence of an official update is frustrating and puts me off HTC. I won’t buy an HTC product again in a hurry. I know there are hacks, ways and means to update my phone but why should I have to do that. I am also not exactly bowled over by my HTC Desire in hardware terms either.

The iPhone is part of a tightly controlled ecosystem and I’m not a fan of that on principle but the iPhone 4 looks like a really good phone. Rich said he hasn’t been able to replicate the infamous signal loss issue. Beyond that, what other reasons are there not to seriously consider an iPhone 4 when they roll out here. For my part, the big hurdle would probably be the device’s cash price. I renewed my MTN contract to get my Desire and would have to pay for an iPhone 4 cash, short of me winning one or some divine power dropping one in my lap. Leaving cash aside, I don’t think I would need to think too hard about it. I may even renew my unused MobileMe subscription in the process.



  1. CraigN avatar

    Step into the light… It’s time.

    So much for the Nokia platform. -dig dig-

  2. Mladen avatar

    Have a look at the samsung galaxy s. I just got one and am very happy with it.

  3. pauljacobson avatar

    I was thinking about taking a look at the Galaxy S and read a review which said that the Samsung UI overlay is a bit hinky and spoiled the experience.

  4. pauljacobson avatar

    Not so sure about the light but I’ll wait and see what they retail at and see how badly I want to switch to iOS. As for the Nokia platform, it hasn’t really developed to a point where it would interest anyone who has enjoyed using Android or iOS.

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  6. abaranov avatar

    Its amazing how bad cellphone companies treat their customers – .

    (Even with your help, thank you very much,) I got much better service from Kreepy Krauly and Macro than Nokia which is crazy.

    By the way, how much are you selling your HTC for? I may be in the market for one 🙂

  7. pauljacobson avatar

    Jeez, that is a shocking story. I would be off Nokia too if I had to go through half of what you had to deal with. I have forwarded your post to Nokia’s communications lady, Tania Steenkamp anyway.

    You know, since I updated my phone to Froyo using the Cyanogen Mod I like my phone again. I am still not sold on the HTC Desire (well, I was, but I’m not) but I may not rush off to get an iPhone just yet. I am taking a look around at the Android phone market. For now I am hanging on to my Desire mainly because I can’t face the prospect of returning to Symbian while I get a replacement …

    If you want, I do have an E71 which I’m not using …

  8. Andrew avatar

    I got my HTC Desire a while ago. The update to 2.2 is available. Its an over the air update. Just use your phone to check for updates. I don’t think you can get it on their website. The phone has its weaknesses but overall I am very happy with it. The update actually broke the launcher for some reason and I had to wipe the phone. Must have been a widget the cased the crash. Just a warning. But it is the kind of thing that makes you feel the iPhone is more robust.

    Previously I used an iPhone 3G. The main reason I switched was because I hate iTunes on windows and prefer a few important things in Windows but especially font rendering and MS Office. I dislike the Mac version of MS Office. Also with the Desire I just drag and drop music and video files into a folder and its done. Adding videos to your iPhone is tedious because of iTunes.

    But sadly after seeing Windows Phone 7 in action I think I may have bought the Desire in haste.

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