I got my HTC Desire a while ago. The update to 2.2 is available. Its an over the air update. Just use your phone to check for updates. I don’t think you can get it on their website. The phone has its weaknesses but overall I am very happy with it. The update actually broke the launcher for some reason and I had to wipe the phone. Must have been a widget the cased the crash. Just a warning. But it is the kind of thing that makes you feel the iPhone is more robust.

Previously I used an iPhone 3G. The main reason I switched was because I hate iTunes on windows and prefer a few important things in Windows but especially font rendering and MS Office. I dislike the Mac version of MS Office. Also with the Desire I just drag and drop music and video files into a folder and its done. Adding videos to your iPhone is tedious because of iTunes.

But sadly after seeing Windows Phone 7 in action I think I may have bought the Desire in haste.