Notify: a handy tool for Web mail users

I came across this great email tool from Vibealicious a little while ago which works nicely if you have a preference for Web mail apps like Gmail, Google Apps mail and other Web-based email services.

Notify 2

Notify takes the form of an email notifier which Gmail Notifier users will be familiar with (it works similarly). One of the big benefits Notify has over similar notifiers like the Gmail Notifier is that Notifier supports multiple email accounts (although Gmail Notifier also notifies you of upcoming calendar events).

Notify enables users to really customise their email alerts for each mail account, compose and reply to emails within Notify and preview messages. These last two features are only available if you opt to buy a pro license for $10 but the free version offers a range of functionality that makes it a great choice. As a bonus you have trial access to the pro features for the first few days after installing Notify so its a good opportunity to try them all out.

I came across a great tip which you might find useful. If you are a Mac user and you use Web-based email as your primary email option, set Notify as your default mail application in’s preferences. This should redirect you to your Web-based email when you click on a “mailto:” link rather than your desktop email apps.

There are a one or two things I’d like to see improved on. The one thing that immediately comes to mind is only relevant to the pro version which enables a preview of emails in your inbox. It would be more consistent with the Mac UI if I could preview an item by hitting my space bar instead of right clicking and clicking on the “preview” option. Well, it would be great if the preview option worked too … Update: The preview feature was fixed in version 2.0.7 and is triggered by the space bar like Quick Look.







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