Go go alt.conference – a preview of what to expect

Update: I can’t figure out how to add the html code for a banner but you can use this version of the logo if you would like to create your own banner!

Alt.conference is around the corner and there are already over 80 people who have joined the Alt.conference site. So what is this all about? Well, here is a nifty poster I just whipped up which gives you the nutshell details of what I hope will be a pretty exciting event:

Please feel free to download the promo poster and pass it around to anyone who would be interested in attending. I’d love to see more social media pros there as well as their clients who would like to see what else is going on in the SA online space.

I am also interested in anyone who is interested in sponsoring the event (if anyone is interested, I have a sponsorship package which may be of interest).

I’ve managed to put together a pretty exciting lineup for the Joburg and Cape Town events. Both events are going to be really interesting and I am kicking myself that I decided to arrange them for the same time. Next time they’ll run on different days so I can attend both. So here are some of the smarties you can expect:

Cape Town

  • Henk Kleynhans
  • David and Marc Perel
  • Allan Kent
  • Gaby Rosario
  • Bev Merriman


  • Justin Spratt
  • Nic Haralambous
  • Melissa Attree
  • Max Kaizen

I have also set up a FriendFeed channel which will update realtime (just include the tag “altconf” in your tweets, Flickr uploads etc and the channel should import your mentions). The channel will probably look a little like this:

I chose FriendFeed as the aggregator because it updates in realtime and has terrific conversational capabilities but feel free to chat about alt.conference wherever suits you best and let me know if the FriendFeed channel isn’t importing your feed and I’ll add it.

Alt.conference is being run by my impromptu event business which I am calling Its All Geek To Me (aka Leo Archer CC). The cost to attend is R250 and payments must be made into the following account:

Account holder: Leo Archer CC

Bank: Standard Bank

Branch: Sandton (019 205)

Account number: 42 096 219 0

Very important: Please include a payment reference using the following format: First_initial Last_name C/J (depending on whether you are attending the Cape Town or Joburg event)


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    […] 45 people came together in two locations for the inaugural alt.conference events held simultaneously in Cape Town and Johannesburg on 4 July. I came up with the idea for alt.conference a couple months ago during a conversation with Hunter […]

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