Pesach 2018

Our third Pesach in Israel. It was a good evening with my family and our friends.

This Pesach is our third in Israel. We hosted the seder and had friends over. It was a good evening, and amazing food that Gina prepared. We also have leftovers that will keep us going for most of the rest of Pesach! Here are a couple more scenes from our evening:

Candles to remember

We recently commemorated Yom Kippur and one of the things we do the evening before is to light candles to remember our parents and close family who have passed away. We lit candles to remember our fathers and Gina’s brother on erev Yom Kippur. I stayed up late that night and tried to capture the mood.

SA Airlink flight's emergency landing tweeted and blogged

Last night’s SA Airlink emergency landing was tweeted and blogged from moments after the plane came to a halt at OR Tambo airport. The journalist on the scene was Alec Hogg, a respected financial journalist. I used Storify to aggregate the story’s reports, including Hogg’s tweets, videos and his first hand blog post:View the story…… Continue reading SA Airlink flight's emergency landing tweeted and blogged

Becky thinks Slutwalk is "disgusting"

This letter was published in the North Eastern Tribune for the week ending 23 September 2011. This movement is certainly achieving one thing: sparking a debate! If you are unfamiliar with Slutwalk, the following is from the Slutwalk JHB website:We are here to unite behind the simple idea that there is never an excuse for…… Continue reading Becky thinks Slutwalk is "disgusting"

Vavi and Mantashe speaking at The Gathering

I am a very bad blogger! I filmed these two speeches at The Gathering almost a month ago and forgot to let everyone know they are available. Well, until now. The Gathering was a terrific experience and The Daily Maverick people did a terrific job putting the event together and securing the speakers who spoke.…… Continue reading Vavi and Mantashe speaking at The Gathering