Blogging 2.0 – when your blog becomes your social hub

I started thinking about blogs in a social context. Blogs like this one have become personal hubs where we share our ideas, passions and more.

Can WordPress do this?

Web•Tech•Law’s site currently runs on Squarespace which is a remarkable platform. My site is coming up for renewal this month and I’m deciding whether to renew my subscription or move my site to another platform. WordPress came to mind first even though I tend to think of it as a blog system (legacy thinking, I […]

My WordPress blog and Google+ – BFFs

I have a newfound appreciation for my far too neglected WordPress blog. I noticed I could connect my blog to my Google+ profile a couple months ago (so I did). What I have only begun to appreciate is how deeply my blog integrates into Google+. One thing I appreciate more and more is how I […]

Matt Mullenweg, one of the good guys

Nice profile of Matt Mullenweg, one of the true good guys of the web: — Matt Cutts (@mattcutts) August 7, 2012 Matt Cutts tweeted about a great profile of Matt Mullenweg, one of the main people behind WordPress: Matt Mullenweg, the Houston-born-and-bred founding developer of the ubiquitous WordPress blogging platform, is now a multimillionaire […]

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