Pretty excited about Gutenberg

Gutenberg 4.0 has arrived. I’m planning to spend a lot more time using it in the week ahead. I’m really looking forward to it rolling out as the default WordPress editor! It works pretty well on mobile too! 😁

Moving from Twitter to WordPress

I really like this post about how Matthew Haughey has switched to a WordPress blog from Twitter. Not just because he chose WordPress.

When WordPress Rickrolls You. Lol!

I just signed into my site’s dashboard and I noticed this curious JetPack banner: So I clicked on the button and this loaded: Lol! Oh you crazy people!

Easier mobile blogging with the WordPress Aztec editor

Automattic announced a new editor for its mobile apps. It may not seem like anything groundbreaking but improvements to the mobile apps that make it easier for users to blog on the go are very welcome.

Online publishing will not die if Medium fails

Medium has pivoted again and its success could hold the key for a more sustainable online publishing industry. Even if it fails, it won’t mean the death of publishing.

So much to love about Automattic’s 2016 Year Review

Automattic has released its “2016 Year Review” report and it is a fun overview of the company’s and its products’ milestones for the year. There is so much about this report to love, including the design of the report itself. Worth taking 10 minutes to scroll through it. Howdy! We’re the people behind, WooCommerce, […]

Open source WordPress app on all platforms is good news for the open Web

An open source WordPress app on all platforms is good news for the open Web in a time when there seem to be more high walls around platforms.

Twenty Sixteen looks great already

I really like the look of the Twenty Sixteen theme that will arrive in WordPress 4.4. WordPress 4.4 is the last scheduled major release of the year and with it will come a new default theme to replace Twenty Fifteen. On the Make WordPress Core site, Tammie Lister published an image gallery that shows off […]

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