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  • Just geek out and walk

    I just went out for a walk in a nearby park. That shouldn’t be particularly noteworthy except for the times we find ourselves in. What made the walk especially enjoyable (well, aside from being out in glorious weather), was the opportunity to just geek out over this interview with Felicia Day on the Id10t podcast […]

  • Why we tell Dad Jokes and other Dad stuff

    John Siracusa and Merlin Mann go deep on Dad Jokes and other Dad stuff in this episode of Reconcilable Differences. It’s a fun episode.

  • What “content marketing” really is

    The term “content marketing” has been heavily abused. I found this discussion about what it really is to be well worth listening to.

  • Gizmodo really irks me. I have been reading Matt Buchanan‘s coverage of the Nokia N97 and while I agree with some of the comparative criticisms when looking at the iPhone 3Gs and the N97, his posts are completely over the top and sensationalist. Here is an example from his initial review post about the N97 […]

  • About that …

    You have almost certainly noticed a decreased number of posts being posted to this blog in the last couple months. We have unfortunately been completely bogged down with a number of existing work projects and the end result has been far fewer posts than we had hoped. For my part my wife and I have […]

  • I have just been watching a video podcast episode of Marketing Voices with Jennifer Jones (part of the network) where Jennifer interviews Charlene Li from Forrester Research. Li believes that social media will be so commonplace in the coming years that it will be “like air”. Take a look at the video to find […]

  • Mail & Guardian has just launched a new daily podcast called the Lunchtime News Wrap. So what is this podcast all about: The M&G Online provides a short midday podcast of the main news stories of the day, Monday to Friday, covering local, international, business, sport and Africa news. The episodes are pretty short (around […]