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Just geek out and walk

I just went out for a walk in a nearby park. That shouldn’t be particularly noteworthy except for the times we find ourselves in. What made the walk especially enjoyable (well, aside from being out in glorious weather), was the opportunity to just geek out over this interview with Felicia Day on the Id10t podcast a while ago:

I loved her appearance in Critical Role, Campaign One, in the Trial of the Take adventures (parts 1 and 2):

As an aside: I really enjoyed watching Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, Wil Wheaton, and Will Friedle playing Dungeons & Dragons. I think Gina and I binged the four episodes (episodes 3 and 4 are here and here) over the course of a few days.

Anyway, back to that Felicia Day interview. The more of her work I see or hear, the more I appreciate that she does what she does. Her interview gives some wonderful insights into her personality, and even some of the services she uses day to day (at least at the time of the interview – I love these sorts of insights especially).

I’ve been listening to podcasts when I run, and go for walks (it helps with the monotony of the paths I have to keep to with local restrictions on movement due to COVID-19), and I’ve had this one queued for a while now. It’s well worth listening to if you’re a Felicia Day fan.

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Why we tell Dad Jokes and other Dad stuff

Episode 43 of Reconcilable Differences is gold for Dads. John Siracusa and Merlin Mann go deep on Dad Jokes and other Dad stuff. I love it. I have already started with these much maligned jokes and even though they will embarrass my kids for decades, I like this part of my Dadhood.

I especially love one of their descriptions of Dads (and the episode titled): “Pack Mule with a Checkbook”. So if you want to understand why we do these silly jokes and other Dad-related things, listen to this episode. I’m enjoying it.

Featured image credit: Sarah Bernier (courtesy of Pixabay)

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What “content marketing” really is

I started listening to the “This Old Marketing” podcast recently thanks to a recommendation on Facebook. The latest episode, episode 162, has a terrific segment about what content marketing really is and where brands and advertisers tend to go wrong.

The episode begins with a discussion about fake news (also worth listening to) and transitions into the content marketing segment at about 20 minutes in (this link will take you to this point in the discussion on an player page).

Your browser does not support the audio element.

I don’t usually post a lot of marketing related stuff on my site but given that this is my day job and how worthwhile this discussion is, it is well worth sharing with you.

If you are in the marketing business, do yourself a favour and listen to this segment, at the very least. It is entertaining and tackles some of the sillier approaches to content marketing.

Image credit: Pexels

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Is Gizmodo more about sensationalism than quality reporting?

Gizmodo really irks me. I have been reading Matt Buchanan‘s coverage of the Nokia N97 and while I agree with some of the comparative criticisms when looking at the iPhone 3Gs and the N97, his posts are completely over the top and sensationalist. Here is an example from his initial review post about the N97 titled “Nokia N97 Review: Nokia Is Doomed“:

I don’t even know where to start the hate parade I want to unleash on S60 5th edition. Nokia’s managed to make RIM’s BlackBerry Storm OS retrofit look like a work of art. And when legacy (sorry, mature) software runs into a crappy half-assed UI, it’s a steaming pile of suck on a slab of garbage toast. All I could think about was how badly I wanted to shove Android onto it. Since I have nothing nice to say, let’s keep this part short.

This sort of writing may appeal to Gizmodo readers but it certainly doesn’t appeal to me at all. Gizmodo is supposed to be one of the authoritative tech blogs on the Web and it seems to need to resort to this sort of junk writing to get attention.

Now, this criticism isn’t based on my disagreement with the criticisms of the N97 when comparing it to other modern smartphones like the iPhone 3Gs. I don’t disagree with many of the concerns raised but I have far more respect for blogs like MobileCrunch and podcasts like the gdgt podcast for the way they discussed the N97’s limitations (here and here, respectively).

Anyway, I did my social media thing this morning and posted a comment to one of Buchanan’s latest posts which I took a screenshot of in case it isn’t published for some reason:

I wasn’t much of a Gizmodo fan before but I don’t have nearly enough respect for the blog now to consider it a worthwhile source of news, for whatever my opinion is worth.

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About that …

You have almost certainly noticed a decreased number of posts being posted to this blog in the last couple months. We have unfortunately been completely bogged down with a number of existing work projects and the end result has been far fewer posts than we had hoped. For my part my wife and I have a little one on the way so I have pretty much had my head down and have been focussed on my work to prepare for the little one’s arrival in November. This has meant a teensy bit of a decrease in the frequency of posts to this blog (and just about all my other blogs with the exceptions of my Twitter and Jaiku posts) as well as a delay in a couple podcast episodes I have in the queue.

Victoire and I are working to block off more time to post more to this blog and I am working on getting those podcast episodes out (apologies to everyone waiting for them) as soon as possible. I apologise for these interruptions! Thank you for coming back from time to time and for not deleting us from your feeds!


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Social media will be like air

I have just been watching a video podcast episode of Marketing Voices with Jennifer Jones (part of the network) where Jennifer interviews Charlene Li from Forrester Research. Li believes that social media will be so commonplace in the coming years that it will be “like air”. Take a look at the video to find out more:

(Source: Web Strategy by Jeremiah)

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Mail & Guardian’s new daily podcast

Mail & Guardian has just launched a new daily podcast called the Lunchtime News Wrap. So what is this podcast all about:

The M&G Online provides a short midday podcast of the main news stories of the day, Monday to Friday, covering local, international, business, sport and Africa news.

The episodes are pretty short (around 2 to 3 minutes and under 1MB) are basically an audio equivalent of the SABC’s News in 60 seconds. So these are great little episodes you can download around lunchtime or so and quickly catch up on the day’s news. The first episode is available for download. You can also subscribe to the feed.

I just listened to the first episode and it is a great idea although the sound quality could be better. I guess there is a tension between a small download and better audio quality (which means bigger file sizes). In terms of content you have everything from news to sport to weather for the day. This is a great idea and blurs the lines between regular broadcast radio and time-shifted audio shows.

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