About that …

You have almost certainly noticed a decreased number of posts being posted to this blog in the last couple months. We have unfortunately been completely bogged down with a number of existing work projects and the end result has been far fewer posts than we had hoped. For my part my wife and I have a little one on the way so I have pretty much had my head down and have been focussed on my work to prepare for the little one’s arrival in November. This has meant a teensy bit of a decrease in the frequency of posts to this blog (and just about all my other blogs with the exceptions of my Twitter and Jaiku posts) as well as a delay in a couple podcast episodes I have in the queue.

Victoire and I are working to block off more time to post more to this blog and I am working on getting those podcast episodes out (apologies to everyone waiting for them) as soon as possible. I apologise for these interruptions! Thank you for coming back from time to time and for not deleting us from your feeds!


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